Sunday, April 5, 2009

The One Stewart's Made and the Two I Made

I have a lot of things to say related to ice cream.

First off:

Stewarts ice cream (which I have always just deemed as OK except for their Bear Tracks or Bear Claws or Adirondack Something or whatever the hell has the graham cracker and caramel stuff in it) has a new flavor. The ice cream is Carrot Cake Ice Cream. You can only get it at the Sundae counter* and you can have them hand pack a pint which you will want if you like carrot cake. Actually you will want them to hand pack the trunk of your car with this shit because it’s insane. It is smooth consistency (which some (Charlie) thinks does it a disservice (but he’s crazy)) and they actually have the cream cheese frosting SWIRLED IN. I just fought off the uge to captilalize that whole last sentence because I am THAT excited about cream cheese frosting. I just went with the SWIRLED IN so you wouldn’t think that maybe I would kill your mother for some cream cheese frosting. Which I probably might depending on the quality of the frosting and how long it has been since I have had it last. So go get some of this as soon as you can if you live in a place that has a Stewarts. I am kind of hoping that Ben and Jerry’s steals this and does a little magic with it in their style, because it would be good if maybe it had some lumps in it (shut up Charlie I am not agreeing with you I just thought of that myself).
*I have forgotten to tell a few people that you can only get it at the counter and this has led to really bad results. Mostly the people have been VERY upset that they can’t find it in the freezer and then they end up drowning their sorrows in some other flavor they only half want, and eating way more of it because of the depression that ensued after they couldn’t find the Carrot Cake one. Ooops.

Second off:

So yeah. I made some more ice cream. But this time I shared it. So I hardly had any. This experiment lead to pretty good results, I’d say.

Chocolate Blackberry Shortbread Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream (You’ve seen this before):

1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 1/2 cups half and half
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp vanilla (or 1 split and scraped vanilla bean)
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa

You will also need:

Frozen Blackberries
Shortbread Cookies

Really it’s the same process as the other ice creams on here, but at the end you add the stuff and such. It seemed to be best to put the ice cream in a chilled bowl right from the ice cream maker and fold the other ingredients in. The chunks slow the maker down too much and it starts to make a sad whine while you are adding that doesn’t seem right. In making the first batch, I made some mistakes and will do it a little differently the next time. Here’s where I sucked:

Mistake 1: I added the berries mostly whole and frozen, which lead to big, berry-flavored ice rocks in the final product. I think I will keep a few berries whole but most i will chop and thaw before I add them in. I am thinking that some I might even thaw completely so they juice up and that might lead to a nice blackberry flavor which would cut the sweetness of the chocolate a little bit.

Mistake 2: I added shortbread and did not break it up enough. My original plan was to make the shortbread, and I think I will next time, but I didn’t have time, so I bought a package of Keebler Sandies Simply Shortbread (they were good). I broke them up but I needed to do it a little more. They acted as I thought they would in the ice cream though, they absorbed a lot of the ice cream and became sort of almost kind of hard, kind of spongy and tasted really good. The flavors made sense. I think even just Chocolate Shortbread would be good too. I must try.

So all in all, it was good, but ice cream shouldn’t cut your mouth when you’re eating it (unless you are eating Edward Scissorhands Rocky Road or something) so I have to be wary of making my chunks too chunky.

Next up:

Caramel Ice Cream with Broken Samoas

Caramel Ice Cream is mostly like Vanilla but with some changes:

1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1 1/2 cups half and half
2 tbs sugar
1 tsp vanilla (or 1 split and scraped vanilla bean)
4 HEAPING tbsp of prepared caramel

You will also need:

Girl Scout Samoa Cookies

Again make the ice cream like before and obviously add the cookies at the end. A few things about making the caramel ice cream:

1. I chose to use prepared caramel (I used Mrs. Richardson’s Butterscotch Caramel - and have you had any of her ice cream stuff? Her Hot Fudge is RIDICULOUS. I can only imagine that Mrs. Richardson is really some really fat dude that really likes to add hot sugary stuff to his ice cream or some dastardly alien that plans to end the world by fattening us up, bombing us, then releasing a bunch of alien cannibals upon us to chomp on our obese carcasses). Because I chose to use prepared stuff I cut the sugar to almost nothing. At first I thought the caramel would provide ALL the sugar, but for some reason the base really did need a little to make it pop. A lot of recipes I found for caramel ice cream had you making your own caramel first, which makes total sense, but I do something wrong with caramel and fuck it up every single time, so I just bought some.

2. The 4 heaping tbsps are an ESTIMATE. You just have to add one and stir, then taste, add one and stir, then taste. I think it depends a lot on the kind of caramel you are using. Add the sugar only if you need it, at the very end.

And again - I didn’t break up the samoas quite enough. i will chop them up more next time. I think I also might pop some in the food processor and process until they are crumb consistency and add them as well. Might make for a neat texture. (Also, maybe some flake coconut.) Again, the flavors were good, just needed some work.

So, I was happy with the first try of both of these. I think I might invest in some smaller tupperware so I can really make personal servings of the stuff I make, which would be easier on me if I keep it, and kind of cool to give away. I looked for some waxed paper containers at one time to buy so I didn’t have to worry about collecting my tupperware back, but I remember having to buy them a zillion at a time, so I didn’t go for it. Perhaps BJ’s has something I can use in smaller quantities. I will have to look.

And there it is. The latest adventures in Frozen Dairy Product. I know, I know. You peed your pants it was so damn exciting.