Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adventures in Panini Part 1

You knew it. (grilled cheese panini!) 
I knew it. ( monte cristo panini!)
I had to have it. (p b and j on raisin bread panini!)

I whipped myself into a froth earlier today thinking about it.  So I got it.  I will now panini the crap out of everything.  Beware.  Tuesday night I think will be Panini Night for awhile (thanksgiving panini - turkey, cheese, cranberry mayo, stuffing!)

To complicate things more, Macy's was having a one day sale and for some reason I reconfigured Crossgates in my mind to contain both Macy's and William-Sonoma  on the same side.  And I am wearing uncomfortable heels.  So I parked by Macy's, scoffed at what they call a sale (marked up items marked down to regular price - I was looking for panini presses and presure cookers) then had to hoof it across the whole mall to get to WS to see if I even LIKED the one I have been drooling about.  And I did.  Oh boy did I.  It has heft, some neat adjustable things about it and gets really hot - which means possibly cooking other stuff in there too.  It also can be stored standing up (it has wittle feet!) and looks prett durn easy to clean (as all things nonstick usually are).

Don't worry - I didn't get any of the spreads they had so handsomely displayed nearby.  I can make my own damn olive tapenade chutney lemon wasabi delight.

I was there to buy the press, so I bought the press, and while they were in the back getting it I helped myself to some hot cider.  Yum.  I like free things.  Especially when I am about to pay 80 bucks for something I don't really need at all but want passionately.  This nice man rung me up...

and I was on my way.  Across the entire mall.  Carrying a heavy-ass panini press.

In the car I realized I had no panini guts residing in my household currently. Or good bread.  A leftover eggplant lasagna on diet wheat bread panini was NOT the way I wanted to break in Benvolio (which is what I just named my new panini press).   So this meant I had to go to more stores.  Which I was kind of ok with. 

More on how this paninipalooza turns out later...

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