Friday, November 13, 2009

Creo Visit

I went to Creo last night in Stuy Plaza.  It was very nice inside (standard high ceilings, beige curtains, "you can come in jeans or a party dress and still feel comfortable" feel)  and we had a good meal.  A little pricey, but I was prepared for that.  I loved this on their menu:

Water, a diminishing natural resource, is available upon request

Oh please. 

"No water for me, waitress.  I will drink only expensive wine, because that is NOT a diminishing natural resource, unlike water.  Don't give me any of that water stuff.  I want to save the world."

They also had some fancy wording for some dishes. I can't seem to find them on their online menu but the one we had at the restaurant had some excellent foodie titles.  It reminded me of this:

Excerpt from David Sedaris' "Today's Special."

As a rule, I'm no great fan of eating out in New York...SoHo is not a macaroni salad kind of place. This is where the world's brightest young talents come to braise carmelized racks of corn-fed songbirds or offer up their famous knuckle of flash-seared crappie served with a collar of chided ginger and cornered by a tribe of kiln-roasted Chilean toadstools, teased with a warm spray of clarified musk oil. Even when they promise something simple, they've got to tart it up - the meatloaf has been poached in seawater, or there are figs in the tuna salad. If cooking is an art, I think we're in our Dada phase.

I've never thought of myself as a particularly finicky eater, but it's hard to be a good sport when each dish seems to include no fewer than a dozen ingredients, one of which I'm bound to dislike. I'd order skirt steak with a medley of suffocated peaches, but I'm put off by the aspirin sauce. The sea scallops look good until I'm told they're served in a broth of malt liquor and mummified litchi nuts. What I really want is a cigarette, and I'm always searching the menu in the hope that some courageous young chef has finally recognized tobacco as a vegetable. Bake it, steam it, grill it, or stuff it into littleneck clams, I just need something familiar that I can hold on to...I order a [hot dog] with nothing but mustard, and am thrilled to watch the vendor present my hot dog in a horizontal position. So simple and timeless that I can recognize it, immediately, as food."
So true.  Creo piled their potatoes high and stuck a homemade potato chip on top.  I saw an appetizer for another table which was very precariously balanced and I am guessing had some magically flavored foodglue keeping it together.
Either way:
 He - Lump Crabmeat Pesto Risotto app, Veal & wild mushroom meatloaf with Creo' mashed potatoes dinner
 Me - Caesar & shaved parmigiano reggiano app, Grilled New York sirloin served with a rich demi glace & finished with roquefort dinner
Us - 7 layer chocolate moussed mocha torte four layers of dark chocolate espresso cake, layered with chocolate mousse & frosted with mocha buttercream dessert
His wild mushroom gravy was insanely good, meatloaf awesome as well, my steak perfectly grilled (something I suck at myself) and the pesto risotto was very good as well.  Dessert was eh - we both decided that my flourless chocolate cake tasted better than their 97 layer chocotorte.
Fun night, good food.  I will go again but there are so many other places to try!


  1. Hah, I love the water bit. That's just a wee bit pretentious.

  2. That's saying to me, "We skimp on water when washing the dishes."

  3. rob - please no. i hope not. what was funny was they had bottled "creo water" for purchase at each table. ironic...