Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Eggplant,

We are not friends.  I keep trying to be friends with you but you continue to be difficult.  Maybe I don't know how to be friends with you.

Maybe I don't want to have to do the work to be friends with you.  Maybe you even scare me a little bit.  But I want to love you.

 Yet you scorn me.

Remember that cafe in Florence where you were covered in sauce and greasy and you gave me a stomachache?  Remember how you were the worst meal I had in the whole three weeks I was there?  What happened?

A few weeks ago I baked you up with disgusting results.  You went straight from the oven, into a tupperware then into the garbage a week later.

And now yesterday.  I salted you, yet in my eggplant lasagna you still wept.  You wept an ocean making my meal runny and tasteless even though I did so much work to prevent it.

Eggplant, how many more chances should I give you?  I don't know - you just keep making me sad.  Please eggplant, stop making me so so sad.



  1. You neglected to mention your eggplant triumph - eggplant parmesan. If you forsake it for all else, use it for that.


  2. true... the eggplant parm was good. BUT THAT IS ALL THAT WAS GOOD! ONE TIME! i cannto be friends with something that has only been nice one time!

  3. Hmmm - most of the things i've made w/ eggplant have turned out well, except for the parm i tried to make a couple weeks ago. perhaps we should join forces.

  4. I still have an iffy relationship with Italian eggplants (all the salting... I can never get it just right), but Japanese eggplants have been my savior! They always come out so creamy.

  5. renee - we should join forces.

    albany jane - any good recipes for said eggyplants?