Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eff Panini Presses. For real.

Just kidding.  Well...sort of.

I will continue my sad, sad panini adventure.

After I bought the press I realized I had really nothing to make paninis with (not the sad part).

I went to two stores for panini guts, I wanted to keep the first one simple.  Price Chopper for good roast beef, brie, roasted reds, artichokes (I had some pesto at home).  Co op for Rockhill Bakehouse bread - sourdough.  (Probably should have done the brie there but I wasn't thinking clearly.)  Oh, and chocolate.  But not for the panini (not the sad part).

Long story short here:  So, I made them.  And they sucked (the sad part).  They sucked so bad I didn't even have mine.  I was so absolutely disgusted I cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.  I was even thinking about returning Benvolio!

Yep.  I had a panini tantrum.  C ate his and was perfectly happy with it.  I threw mine out.  The reason was - Sog Factor.  They were so gross and soggy looking when I pulled them off the press I wanted to cry (I take making dinner a little too seriously, I know - but I really feel a sense of failure when something I make doesn't turn out.  Especially something I have been excited about).  It turns out that they crisped up after they were taken off the press, but I was so highly annoyed by then I didn't even want it.  Why yes, I am an only child, why do you ask?

Happy Ending:
I read up on it.  You wouldn't think I needed to know that much about grilling a damn sandwich but I did learn some things in my research.  Reasons why Panini One failed:
  • roast beef waaaay too juicy
  • roasted reds wicked wet, if I want to you them I have to consider better placement
  • sourdough bread not dense enough - too holey
  • didn't brush the bread with oil
Anyway - some lessons learned.  I tried again today and was much more successful.  I need to find some better bread...and maybe try some less juicy guts.

All in all, Benvolio will stay.  I look forward to not hating him a whole bunch.

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