Tuesday, November 24, 2009

holy crApp

So I was Thanksgiving food shopping with C and I whined wondered aloud about the fact that there wasn't an app for my iPhone that centered around a shopping list I could input then check off as I go.  I like to make random statements like that without any research.  C thoughtfully remarked, "Um.  Don't you think there probably IS an app that does something like that?"

Upon searching for about three seconds the next day I found about seven apps that did that.  Reviews for a few are here. 

I think I might buy the "Grocery Gadget" one - it looks like it does a little more than just create a check off list and I like the idea of creating several lists for different stores...and even putting some pictures next to items for the weird stuff that's hard to find (Asian Market, anyone?).

Plus, I walk around the store with my phone anyway - usually obsessively refreshing Facebook - so at least I can use the phone more constructively while shopping.  If I actually had music on my phone (I use my Pod for music, phone for everything else) the phone would be a PERFECT gadget to bring food shopping as I usually like to put headphones on while I shop so no one talks to me.  Maybe I will download a shopping playlist onto the phone just for that purpose.

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