Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Panini Me Me

Soooo... a little while ago I got this in my email...

and now I think about it a lot.  Probably more than a normal person should.  Like on my commute home (40 minutes!  That is a LOT of time to paniniponder!).  Or when I am checking my email.  And sometimes in the shower.  And when I am cooking other things.  SO...usually when I devote that much brain time to things, it means I want them.  And I will probably, even if I can't really afford to, buy them.

BECAUSE I WANT TO PANINI THINGS!  I feel bad for C because then he will be forced to eat all things panini.  I got gigantic muffin pans and that poor man has been eating different flavored gigantic muffin creations for months.

And yes, I do have a cast iron pan with the raised grill lines which is good, but I REALLY like the idea of being able to truly control the heat with the press, and also being able to walk away from the thing and have things not burn into a volcano rock.  And my cast iron pan is not that big.  And it suuuhuuhuucks to clean.

AND I WANT TO PANINI THINGS!  Grilled cheese sammies with ham and yummy veggie things with pesto mayo and using awesome bread and MAYBE EVEN DESSERT PANINIS WITH NUTELLA (and bananas).

Now here's the deal - panini makers come in all flavors and sizes.  Some are amazing.  Some are just awful.  Some are ok.  Some are called George Foreman Grills (which are NOT panini presses, btw).  And without walking into Williams-Sonoma I am going to guess that the one they are hawking is pretty good. It probably has good weight and great electronics that will last and some awesome easyclean plates that come out and tap dance into your dishwasher for you.  But I am sure if i did a little research I can find something comparable online/Ebay/Marshalls Homestore/back alley black market panini scalper. 

But I just kind of want to...

go and buy this today on my way home. 

And panini the crap out of something tonight.

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