Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pork. Boubon. Dijon. Dinner.

So I made this (from the lovely Ashley's flog) last night because I had taken out some thick cut pork chops and I always blank out on ideas when it comes to pork.  I usually do a veggie brown rice fried rice with small cubes of pork thingy, but I wasn't up for that last night.  Plus I usually serve it with yummy Asian Market dumplings of which I have none of currently (no room in freezer).  I have been wanting something easy to make, and this was it.  A few ingredients in a ziploc bag, 1/2 hour in the fridge, thicken reserved marinade while you cook the chops and woohoo!  The sauce from the marinade was delicious - very bourbon-y but it made sense, wasn't intrusive, and the sweetness and dijon really shone through.

I served it with roasted beets tossed with a tiny bit of balsamic (I am now officially liking beets), some sauteed beet greens and some squash.  I bought a whole load of root veggies with the intent to make this (by the way, please make that.  Make lots and lots of it.  It is so insanely good) but I ended up going simple with the beets and squash because I wasn't up for monumental choppage.

Either way - perfection for a weeknight and great for pork.

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  1. nom nom nom...i'm so glad you liked it! hehehe...the beets sound awesome! i'm a recent beet convert too! you rock, sistah!