Monday, November 16, 2009

wants and whines.

I want to go to this.  And don't be grossed out, but maybe even this.

I guess I could drive to these events, it's not that far but I want things like this to happen HERE.  Albany has the eaters.  We have the desire.  Why,why,why can't we get ourselves together?

Or am I just missing these things because I remained uninformed?

And I want to start a supper club where we eat at people's houses all themey-like and everybody brings food and chats and drinks wine.

And I want a pony.


  1. There's occasionally some Almost Foodies potluck gatherings. It's been a little quiet lately, but they are always good times (and food, obvs).

    I'm hosting a cookie swap Dec 13th - just shoot me an email and you're more than welcome to come.