Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shining Rainbow Dim Sum

k.  So after reading this - I had to go.  The words were great but the pictures really sold it.  I sent the link to friends with this email:

To:  Friends
From:  Me
Subject:  friday din din dim dim sum sum

so - charlie and i are going here this friday around 8ish:  http://albanyeats.blogspot.com/ (shining rainbow on central ave) for some dim sum.

we have never been there but i read the link above and drooled all over myself. so i figure it's worth a try. seems pretty cheap and fun. if any or all or more than all would like to join - that is where we will be, lookin all hot.

i didn't make a facebook invite because i am at school and such things are impossible. feel free to invite others that don't annoy the group. or feel free to invite others that will annoy the group just to be an asshole.

love always and forever,

By the end of the day we had several on board.  Yay.  And so we went.  And it was good.  And a lot of food because my friends like to eat. 
And it was confusing. Or at least to me.   Maybe it is because all the food came out at once and none of us were sure what everything was and some of it looked like stuff we had never seen but it definitely reminded me of when I went to The Melting Pot on my birthday and we all had our food in different boiling thingies and I had 40 birthday drinks and I was confused at what boiling pot my chicken was in and what dipping pot my marshmallow was in and then I went to the bathroom and threw up.  Yay birthday drinks.
Anyway -
So I came prepared with stuff I wanted to get because of Albany Jane's blog and I started to write down what Charlie and I were going to get.  The waiter was awesome and promised seperate checks for all so Charlie and I could just order as a couple.


When the waiter came by he took the paper but thought it was an order for all of us.  He started to walk away and I said, "No!  That's just us!"  He stood for a moment,  flabbergasted and then said, "Dat's a lotta fooooood!"

Yes.  Dat IS a lotta food.


While we waited we stared at condiments.  And probably talked about poop (ok we definitely did).  Because we're gross.

Rice porridge thing (congee?) came first.  We got a few kinds - a plain (pictured), a chicken and a pork.  It was a little sweet (which I realized later was a trend in the dishes) but I liked it.  I threw some soy in there and went to town because I was ready to eat.

What I was not prepared for in Dim Sum is the amount of bones you will encounter.  And cartilidge.  And general gristle.  Which could or could not be why some of it is so cheap?  There were dishes where I was knawing on some meat thing that has some other connective tissue still attached and I felt quite cavewoman like.  As soon as I knew what to expect, I was ok with it.  Some of the friends...notsomuch.  But I understand being a little weirded out by bone and cartilidge in your porridge.  Goldilocks would have tossed that shit against the wall.  I ate it instead.

More food came:

Yum.  Most had shrimp or pork in it.  The hairy ball things on the left were dubbed "shrimp hot dogs" because the filling was basically smashed up shrimp all smooshed together.

Our friend Elizabeth said someone had to get chicken feet - so we did:

There it is. 

Because I am a hardcore mofo I tried one.  I think Charlie tried one as well but no one else did.  Wusses.  I had a bite and that was enough.

Then - we basically ate and talked.

And laughed...

and laughed...

and covered our faces because we laughed so hard.

and ate...

And then we ordered and ate so much the waiter wanted to take a picture of us.  With the restaurant's camera.  God knows where that picture is now - but I had him take one of us with my camera too. 

It's almost hilarious how hard I am sucking my gut in with hardly any results - I still look like a Fatty McFattersons.  But I guess that might be appropriate for how much food I had just packed in.

And at the end - we got free citrus! Bonus!

Our bill (just Charlie and I) for OVER TWELVE DISHES was ...wait for it...$37.00.  THIRTY SEVEN.  For about 40,000 pounds of  food.  HOLY MOLY!

So overall - a fun night.  Most of the dishes were good - and it was a LOT of eating.

Last words on Dim Sum?


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

flatbread pizza yum

easy, easy, easy.


1.  flatbread (whichever you like.  i used Ezekiel 4:9.  the store didn't have my favorite Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Flour Pita Bread which has less calories but whatever)
2.  whatever else you want on pizza

i made 2 kinds.  sauce, 2 cheese (parm reg and mozz) and broccoli  AND artichoke heart, sundried, spinach and feta (anchovies on mine...)

pile the stuff on.  bake for 10 minutes, broil for 2 or 3 more minutes.  eat eat eat.

sauce, cheese, broccoli

arty, spinach, sundried, feta and anchovy

oh.  and by the way.  i LOVE my pizza cutter: