Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chicken Nachos for Dinner

I always forget about nachos.  I will be sitting in a restaurant and someone near me will get a heaping plate and I will be like, "Oh yeah!  Nachos!  They are so GOOD!" 

So I made some for dinner.

I had to make some shredded chicken anyway because we were attending a LOST party and I was bringing the chicken for tacos - so I threw some spices in some chicken broth and cooked up some chicken breasts.  For a long time.  Hours.

I cooked it so long it literally jumped apart at the sight of forks.  That is how easily it shredded.

Awesome.  I took some that I was bringing for the taco guts and stored it with the broth (it sucked it up mightily) and the rest I used in dinner!  But first I made some chips by cutting a bunch of corn tortillas into wedges, spraying them with olive oil and baking them.  They come out light, crisp and nice and thick to hold ingredients.

And on these chips I built a nacho tower.  Well...not really.  I actually just made a one layer thing on a sheet pan.  Too many times I have gotten Nacho Towers (c) that had unmelted cheese and stuff in the middle - so I went with a flat landscape.

I made too much.  Then ate too much.  But chicken nachos are never good the next day!



  1. Oh man, Albany John makes really good nachos. I think he conjures up magic or something, but they are layered, melty, and everything right with the world.

    I didn't know there was such a thing as 'too many nachos'. I usually run into 'we're out of chips'.