Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kitsu Opening

WARNING:  This isn't really about the food.

So I have never been to a restaurant opening before.  I know, I are probably thinking "But Nicole, how is that possible?  Do you not recieve invites for restaurant openings at least ONCE EVERY FOURTEEN MINUTES because you are so wildly popular?  So wildly popular and beautiful?  So wildly popular, and beautiful, and SKINNY?"

OK.  Now you've gone too far.  You're embarrassing yourself.

Anyway so I DON'T get invitations to restaurant openings, (or wing tasting contests or hot tub parties...) and I didn't even get this invite.  My awesome foodie friend Elizabeth did (she knows people).  And she invited me along.  And I invited other people because I have no social graces. 

Here is the email exchange between E and I more than a week before:

E:  Sooooo I guess there is an opening reception there next Sun the 21st at 8pm...I think I'm going to go. Wanna go with? It might be a fun food bloggery thing to do. And if not fun, there may at least be a bit of free sushi.

The conversation quickly turns to clothes.  And stays there.

E:  But I'm thinking not super fancy fancy, more like funky. Of course, day of I may feel horrid and roll out in my leopard snuggie. IT COULD HAPPEN.

ME:  funky sounds like awesome fun. we will funk it up together and be adorable funkmaster biatches that intimidate yet intrigue.  i'm going to pretend i'm an artist not a teacher.

E:  We will totally bring the funk! Be an artiste, or a food bloggeur, or the Princess of Schwatever! It will be a fun night, and if it ceases to be fun then we will turn up our snooty noses and BAIL "Sorry, folks, we are too cool for your party." But not before trying to grub as much of whatever they are offering as possible. Oooooh, I may need a handbag. A very very roomy handbag.... lined in ziploc bags.

ME:  im so artsy i am using a ziploc AS a handbag. i will just tie a string to it and call it "utilitarian sheik".

Yes folks.  Not only do I hardly capitalize when I type, but I am obsessed with WHAT I AM GOING TO WEAR TO THINGS!  Now you all know.

Anyway - so we went. 

And as you can see I managed to look not at all cool and artsy and E looked awesome and slick.  And C (holding wine) and M rocked ties and looked all sorts of hotness.  All that clothes excitement over email and I didn't even deliver.

But I guess you might want to hear about other things.  I did warn you, though...this really is not about the food.  But to shut you up (because you're embarrassing yourself again) I WILL tell you that...

So Very Good.  I had actually eaten there a few days before the opening and I thought it was great.  E, BK and I went and shared some rolls and were very impressed.  They had some of the rolls we had available the previous night at the opening, as well as noodles, edamame, wine, spring rolls, wine, and wine.  And water.  And soda.

But this is the part of the story that is most interesting.  I brought Nigel.  And I think people thought I was taking pictures for Something Important.  People posed for me when I walked by (this guy asked me to take a few pictures of him) and they even let me behind the sushi bar to get some of the chef in action (he even made me a special roll).

And generally I felt like I was a Photographer Rockstar.  It was awesome.  So the food was great, the people were nice, the staff was amazing and I plan to go back there very, very soon.

And now I am going to bring my camera.  Everywhere.

So...Kitsu is

(OPEN.  get it?)

It is on 218 Central Avenue and the hours are 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday, !2:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

You should probably go.

By the way, feel free to email me if you want me to come to a restaurant opening, chicken wing contest, hot tub party, french fry making competition, free food/wine/liquor giveaway extravaganza, or you want me to stand in one of those windy money boxes where I have to grab all the cash I can in one minute.  I'll bring my camera!


  1. For the record, you looked ENTIRELY cool and artsy! And your glamour shot of the sushi is making me want to get more tonight.

  2. I. ALWAYS. want more sushi. really. always.

  3. Lucky you gals!! I am still wondering what it's like inside now that it's no longer Saso's. Looks like a cool opening - I'm jealous!

  4. janejane - you must go. very delicious. :)