Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adventures in Food

No really.  Adventures in Food.

A few weeks ago my bestest chef friend Stephen (he cooks for you here)  and I decided we were going to cook a whole heck ofalotta yummy food.  So we planned a day and went on down to Adventure in Food in Menands to see what they had going on.  The only plan was there was no plan.  Until we looked around and made a plan.

I have never been there before so I had no idea what to expect.  And when I got there I was pretty surprised.  It is basically just an office with a huge walk in freezer, another cooler, a room with dry goods and a room with spices and nuts and baking type things.  All in ginormous portions. 

When we got there they knew Stephen from the MAD so they were happy to see us but anyone can go in and buy stuff.  Especially if you want 400 pounds of duck or an entire wheel of Pecorino Romano.  So they let us in and we moseyed around and then made our way to the walk in.  Lots of meat.  Lots of gigantic amounts of meaty goodness.  I could bore you with the back and forth of deciding what to purchase but it was really just me shivering in the freezer telling Stephen to pick something please, so we will skip to the part where we bought a 9 pound bison roast. Because we do not mess around.

We did some more shopping at the Hannafords (I love pluralizing that) and the Asian Market for veggies and accompanying deliciousness then we came back to my place where we laid it all out to start getting down. We were so busy cooking I didn't really take any pictures.  We managed the roast (which we cut down to about 5 pounds and split the extras - I made bison stir fry with mine not too long ago), mashed potatoes (because I am just so damn good at them), roasted root veggies and roasted broccoli with lemon and some sort of cured spicy meat chunks we scored at the Adventure place.  Stephen also made gravy out of nothing.  And I am not kidding it was brilliant to watch.  I think he made it out of boullion, some mushrooms and like a stick of gum and some C4 or some such nonsense.  The guy is a gravy McGuyver.  A McGravyer.  I made some tarts for dessert from leftover linzer cookie dough I had in the freezer and filled some with cherry jam, some with lemon curd and the rest with Nutella.  I guess I am a McTarter.  Or McTarded.  Either way.

So...bison.  It was good.  It was tender and meatier than beef, but it wasn't like "Holy Moly this is from the WILD and I can TASTE the WILDERNESS in it".  There were no notes of pine cone or speedy getaways from natural enemies for species survival.  I did not feel super adventurous eating it.  But - it was very tasty.  And really, that was the whole point.

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