Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I dream of Aashiana with the Indian Buffet

So I met up with AlbanyJane and friends for some Indian buffet at this place on Central the size of a postage stamp.  And now I want to go there every day.  I want my own reserved table.  I want the owner to know my name and bring me naan and fill my glass before it is even empty and make me personal mango lassis and be my friend and give me his pakora secrets.  I want to get my next birthday catered by them and have a cake made of chicken tikka masala iced with whatever chick pea salad stuff that was with the sauce and the onions and the candles can be made of rice pudding.

I want to go back there as soon as possible.  Because it was delicious. 

I have been to several Indian buffets.  Most, of late, I have been to with Matt.  This is most hilarious if you know Matt because he is very delightfully thin (he actually said one time that he might have to quit playing in his soccer league because he was losing too much weight. Losing.  too much.  weight.) and he still manages to put away at least two heaping plates of food.  And I am not delightfully thin.  And I put away at least three and top it off with rice pudding no matter how full I am. 

Unfortunately, Matt was unable to accompany me to Aashiana (work called - boo) but I cannot wait to go with him.  And I cannot wait to take Charlie so we can have a race to see who can get sick from eating too much first, then who can complain loudest about eating too much later (put your money on me, people.  I'm pretty loud).

I should talk about the food now I guess?  I mean - I kind of did.  It's Indian buffet so its the usual - but it is not greasy or overcooked or too dry or too wet.  It is spiced beautifully and the owner comes and brings you fresh naan and recognized AJ and her man even though the last time they were there was over a year ago.  And I know I have mentioned this already, but they had piles of pakora.  PILES.  And I will choke a bitch over some pakora, for real.  I will stab a fork in the arm of anyone who gets in the way of me and the last one.  Usually my first course, or my grande amuse bouche if you will, is an entire plate of the things with little side bowls (usually the rice pudding ones) of the green, brown and red stuff.  So I ate many, but not as much as I would have if I was with people I knew well.  After all, I had only just met AJ and her crew.  I was also happy to see that they were all double platers (they went up more than once to get stuff) and there was even a rice pudding fan like me present.  Yeah!

Fun was had by all and we parted full and happy.  I went on to the park to take pictures with Nigel and later watch friends play frisbee (and film footage for this) and much later, skip dinner and fall asleep at 8:30 on a Saturday night from delicious overload.

Oh - and Aashiana?  I will be back.  Start making the pakora.


  1. I've actually never had the buffet but it's my go-to falafel wrap/grape leaves take out place. Salim (Saleem?) will remember your name if you leave it for takeout!

  2. I seriously have to try this place out!

  3. confession: i went again this past weekend. and i want to go they do not have a TON of offerings for the buffet, but all are yummy. :)