Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Open Letter to CCE's

Dear Cadbury Cream Eggs,
Thus far I have done a spectacular job of avoiding you.  I had a 4 pack of you in my desk at work and I only had ONE.  I gave another to a coworker and we ate them together and methodically smoothed out the foil wrappers like young, OCD children, something we both realized we did without even knowing it.  (Apparently the challenge is taking the wrinkles out without ripping the delicate foil  and the goal is to WIN WIN WIN that challenge.)

So now I have 2 eggs left in my desk.  And most likely I will have one tomorrow and give the other to my coworker so we can eat and dewrinklefy before I am away from said desk for a week because of April break.  AND you are only 150 calories so I am not THAT concerned with eating one more, even though I AM trying to lose ten pounds before the end of April.  Here's my problem:

YOU WILL GO ON SALE APRIL 4th!  You will be soooo cheap that it will be INCREDIBLY difficult for me to ignore you.  I tested the freezing theory a few years ago and found that you freeze incredibly well therefore allowing me to buy you in bulk and have you as late as AUGUST and probably even later.

And I have all next week off and most likely will be in lots of stores where you are cheap.

My suggestion.  Go away.  Go far, far away from me as soon as possible unless you'd like to be stripped of your foil suit which will be separately cared for and pressed, and then gobbled down like a common hershey kiss.

Really.  Please get out of my sight.  If you know what's good for you.

Love (and hate),

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  1. I purposely bought easter candy I don't really like so I wouldn't eat it all. Instead of hiding it in the house, a baggie of twix would have been hiding in my tummy.