Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aashiana update! (and some random blabber)

I went again to my new fave Indian place (thanks AJ) and the owner (Salim?) informed me that he will be doing FRIDAY NIGHT all you can eat buffets from 5:30 to...8.  So...that's pretty sweet.  Just wanted you all to know.  Apparently he remembers me from my buffet visits.  Or maybe I am just the type of girl who looks like she digs buffets (read: fatty boombalatty).

Anyway - when I went this time I was accompanied by the lovely Lori and there was no buffet.  Hmmm.  So we were ordering straight from the menu.  A new experience - awesome.  And we were hungry.  We ordered Pakora and Pappadum and Dolmas and Hummus.  The table was filled with our many appetizers.  We went on to order Vegetable Curry (Lori) and Chicken Tikka Masala (Moi).  Lori reported the deliciousness of the curry and I was super impressed with the Tikka Masala.  It is pretty much my go-to dish and this is the creamiest Masala I have ever had.  Very delicious.  I almost licked the bowl.  OK I licked the bowl.  This information makes me conclude (again) that I love this place.  But you knew that.

In other food related news, I cooked a little with Matt and Elizabeth and helped make some bread from Betty's Green Box.  And then we proceeded to put the bread on chatroulette and urge people to pretend to eat it.  This was great fun and I am sure I will want to do it again with other dishes.  And by the way?  Chatroulette?  WTF?

Oh yeah!  And I finally ate at Capital Q!  Woohoo that was awesome!  I had the Okie pork sammy with sides of coleslaw, mac and cheese, and collard greens.   They gave me the tastings so I could decide and the friendliness of the staff is incredible!  They are awesome there.  The food is delicious and I cannot wait to go again.

Last note - pappardelle pasta is hard to eat.  I made lamb bolognese (sort of - no cream in the house so I guess it was sort of a lamb ragu?) and finally found pappardelle at Cardona's Market.  And when I put it all together and we started to eat I realized how hard it is to eat!  It is awfully pretty in the bowl but pretty close to eating full sheets of lasagna and sauce.  Lots of splashy splashy in the bowl.  I was kind of bummed.

Wow - this was rather disconnected.  I covered a lot of ground, though.

More later...


  1. That sounds like a delicious road from Aashiana to lamb ragu. Yummy.

    I love pappardalle, but then again I am a whore for wide noodles. But, uh, why didn't ya invite me over to try some? Hullooo, I was totally free!

  2. I love wide noodles too - but these were wide. And heavy! Maybe it was the ragu?

    Open door invite anytime - you know that!