Friday, April 23, 2010


How many of these do we really need?

I am not on the Chipotle train. Sorry.

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  1. Not on the Chipotle train? That's fine, but I'm left asking why not?

    I'm thrilled there are two more of these opening soon in the area. One on Wolf Road and the other in Stuyvesant Plaza.

    The Guilderland location will be walking distance for me and will likely result in significantly fewer home cooked meals.

  2. yeah - i just can't get into it. i was not that impressed. and i also don't think we need a metric butt ton in the area. i would like to trade 2 in for a trader joe's please.

  3. You know, the food is salty and mass produced.

    For me the big joy comes from their exclusive use of humanely raised sustainable meats. I'm a bit disgusted by what passes for meat these days, and don't eat a lot of it, primarily for ethical reasons.

    But at Chipotle I can eat it with reckless abandon. Thus they have my support.

    You want to see a butt ton of Chipotles, check out Austin. But like you, I'd happily trade in the Wilton and Clifton Park locations for a Trader Joe's (but I'd want them to have wine too).

  4. i love how you pick the farthest ones away from you to trade.

    i understand their food model. i just think that their food should be humanely raised AND taste good. there i go, wanting everything again.