Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lark Tavern Sadness...for now.

Most importantly:  Friday Puppy  (Matt B., owner of Bombers and Wolff's Biergarten) seems to have done it quickest and best.  Click here to donate to help Lark Tavern out.

I have spent many a night in this place drinking, eating, reading poetry, listening to music...  My most vivid memory is of when I first moved to the area - I googled  "Albany poetry" (because I am a nerd) and I read that there was a poetry open mic.  Right down the street.  At this place called Lark Tavern.  So, I went to my first open mic poetry night there.  I met lots of people that I know and respect as writers today.  Then I was invited to do my first featured reading there (a huge deal to me) thanks to Mary Panza.  Since then I have eaten many delicious meals and have seen a lot of music and said a lot of rhymy words and shared a lot of good times there.  The place is full of joy for me and I am so sad to think about all the little nuances that will be gone. 


I saw Super 400 there not too long ago.  C was recording and we were standing behind the bar in the back of the room.  Lori's bass was so intense that it kept pushing things off the shelves behind the little bar.  First salt and pepper shakers.  Then some to go containers.  I thought it was me doing it at first then I thought I was just crazy.  After the vinegar fell on my foot I realized it was the hot, hot bass playing of one Lori Friday.  I talked to one of the waitresses about it at the end of the night and she cracked up.  I am sure it wasn't the first time it had ever happened, but maybe it was the first time that when it happened, someone thought that ketchup and salt and splenda packets were trying to attack her personally.  Yes, I am paranoid.


So - have no idea what the future will bring.  Something different.  Not always bad, but not the same.  So I will take a little while to remember what I loved then think about what there will be to love in the future.

I hope I can help in some way make the new Lark Tavern something wonderful.  Maybe they will let me come in and paint, or hang a picture or something. 

OK.  Go and donate some money now.  I'm done.

Here's the link again so you don't have to use your all your energy to scroll up.


  1. Also A. A. S. R. D. has a paypal to donate money too

  2. where is that posted? i checked the aasrd website but it's just the banked track paypal button...

  3. I love, love, love how active the community is in making sure we get our Lark Tavern back. Tess is such a giver, and it really shows now. How many other businesses do you think would have $12,000 + raised within a week, completely unsolicited?

  4. i agree AJ - the people are really responding to this. i think they are up to 20 thou now through the friday puppy site and AASRD is raising money as well as some planned benefits coming up.

    i would like to lend a hand physically - i have the summer off so i hope that i can get in there and help with some physical labor stuff.

    either way - it is great to see response like this. all too often people shrug and say "that sucks" instead of doing something.

    look at us allbany - we're all grows up!