Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST Party and Yumminess.

Elizabeth brought something AWESOME to the LOST finale party we went to.

I made nothing themed but brought black and white cookies to symbolize...well if you watched the show you know what it symbolized and if you didn't watch it, you probably don't care.  I also brought Teeny Tiny Potatoes tossed in almond pesto, a black bean, corn and red pepper lime salad, annnnnnnnd something else apparently forgettable because I don't remember it.

On another note, I made an interesting meal last night with some chicken and jalapeno sausage from Trader Joes that I grilled on my new best friend with some vidalia onion and red and orange peppers then added to orichiette pasta tossed with a sauce of Pace roasted corn and black bean salsa (no joke - AWESOME product) mixed with sour cream and cumin.  Topped with Queso Fresco and pickled jalapenos.  Frickin' YUM.

1 comment:

  1. Caprese! You also brought tasty tasty caprese salad. Oh, and that yummy bread salad. Because you are the queen of bringing multiple things.

    Those B&W cookies were really tasty.