Monday, May 17, 2010


E and I tried the Wine-n-Diner this past loverly Sunday afternoon.  It was pretty empty when we got there but it was gorgeous out and I imagine most were eating fancy pressed sandwiches on checkered blankets in the park and drinking champagne in a can.  Which is pretty cool in its own right but it made for a lot of open space in the place.

One of the first things that was WEIRD was that they have a huge menu - a really LARGE menu - but it wasn't on their website when I checked.


Now, since I had checked for the menu a few days ago they HAVE put the other menus online.  And THANK GOODNESS!  Because there are THREE dishes that contain BEETS.  And the beet dishes were not on the brunch menu SO I WOULD NEVER HAVE KNOWN!

And I.  Love.  Beets.

Anyway, I forgive you W-n-D.  I will make peace with it in my own way.

Moving on.  Food:

Just so you know, the day before we went I pigged out on Sonic in Poughkeepsie on an Ikea trip and I PROMISED myself that I wouldn't eat too much.  So it was only veggies for me allllll day on Sunday.

So naturally I ordered the Black and Blue Burger. 

Full of veggies  And goodness.  It was full of goodness.  Their meat patty was awesome and thick and juicy and cooked perfectly (medium rare).  It was spiced well and the cheese was great. The bun was buttered and grilled and made for excellent bread texture (brexture?). I could have done without the bacon but I will tell you why in a second.  In fact, I took the bacon off and didn't miss it one bit.  I know it was a boring pick, but I felt that I wanted to get something that I could compare to other places, and I have to say, it stood up quite well.  Very satisfying.  Yum.

E went all out and got the Carpet Baggin' Burger with cheddar, bacon, fried oysters and spicy aioli.  Yep.  The mofo had deep fried oysters on it.  Heck yeah!

Yep.  That feeling going up your arm?  That was a heart attack.  Because LOOK AT THIS THING!  WOWEE!  It's DRIPPING in potential heart attack.  Potential DELICIOUS heart attack.  In fact, it may be one of the best last things you'll ever eat.  Consider it before you go into Albany Med for that lung transplant. 

So, the review from E was that it was very good (I am sure she will say more on her site eventually about taste and texture and fat content) but all I know right now is she finished the thing then sopped up the juice with her napkin and sucked on it so I assume she kinda dug it.

Because we hardly got any food, we also decided to split The Elvis:

That is right.  That is a grilled sandwich with peanut butter, banana and BACON.  (See why I took the bacon off my burger?  See?)  And remember how much I said I love beets?  Well I love peanut butter more.  Times a thousand more.  And throw a banana on there and I am prepared to marry you. 

Speaking of marriage - um.  I want to marry this sandwich.  It was perfect.  Elvis REALLY knew what he was talking about.  Sweet, salty, fruit, grilled, meat, really has everything.  E mentioned it could have used some honey and I thought that could add another layer of flavor.  It was great without but I could definitely see it being good.

Surprisingly, that is all we got.  Although there is plenty more I would like to try so I will go back.  Soon. 

You should go.  There's parking, a great wait staff (the owner was there when we were eating and was very friendly and talkative) and lots of interesting things to choose from.  Next time I go will be for dinner.  And there will be beets involved.  And wine*.  And maybe even some more peanut butter too. 

The Wine-n-Diner is located at 544 Delaware Avenue in Albany and is open Tuesday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. , Friday 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.,  Be prepared for Brunch on Saturday and Sunday 8 - 4 and Dinner Saturday from 4 p.m. - 12 a.m.  WHEW!

*To balance the fact that we did NOT get wine at the Wine-n-Diner, E and I went back and drank Mojitos with Matt.  The lime, minty, seltzery lightness really cut the fourteen pounds of meat and peanut butter we had just ingested.  Anyone got any fun Mojito recipes?  Email me them!  We will try them!  We will try them REALLY HARD!


  1. Thanks for the tip Ms. Nicole!! We went for dinner tonight and it was REALLY good. A turducken, stuffing sandwich with cranberry mayo on a 90 degree day? - Yes, please! Wait staff was as you described. Everyone was great and the owner gave us both free desserts b/c they kept us waiting for like maybe 7 minutes (even though we'd only ordered one to share and we'd had no ish with waiting). Deep fried twinkies with cinnamon ice cream. Yeah. *sigh*

  2. that dude LOVES to deep fry things! he went on an on about deep fried pickles when we were there. glad you enjoyed!