Friday, June 18, 2010

the Joe guy who Trades.

Here's my running list of things am I out of from Trader Joe's.  I accept no substitutes for these:
  • dark chocolate covered edamame
  • thai green beans (frozen section)
  • soy and seed rice crackers
  • bool kogi beef tips
  • ginger snaps
  • pb and j candy bars
  • sharp cheddar chunk with granola
  • thai red curry sauce
  • bag of mixed seafood containing scallops, shrimp and calamari (frozen section)
  • assorted dried fruit
  • probably most everything else they carry
I want one here in Albany.  It is not fair that they are not here.  I am sad that they are not here.  Why are they not here?

I actually joined a Facebook group called "We Want A Trader Joe's in Albany!!!"  And, not to be mean but (ok - to be mean) they have get togethers.  Get togethers.  Like picnics.  And today they are dedicating a statue to Trader Joe in a park.  And you know what?  I kind of think that is weird.  Because as much as I would like to shop next to these people - happily push my cart in the frozen aisle in the vicinity of them, I do not think wanting the same specialty supermarket within 20 miles of my residence is enough of a reason to thread people together.  I could be wrong, though.  I am sure they all are fabulous human beings.

Either way - I will need to make a pilgrimage to NoHo soon and hit the TJ's there to restock for summer.  Who's with me?


  1. How about an after your birthday midweek trip?

  2. I'm so down! We can go say hi to my in-laws (and probably use their pool) in Amherst, too.

    Cause I totally need more TJ's action going on.

  3. > And today they are dedicating a statue
    > to Trader Joe in a park. And you know what?
    > I kind of think that is weird

    Oh believe me, that statue *is* weird. Not displayed in the photo, the Trader Joe's bag she is carrying. In the middle of Albany.

  4. These people obviously need better things to do with their lives.

  5. k. that statue is fucking creepy. i'm sorry. she doesn't look like a happy trader joe's shopper. she looks like she's gonna shank me in the eye.

  6. by the way - OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

  7. It is fucking creepy indeed. She has a shiv in her bag, I checked. Goddamn' grannies, always asking for trouble.

  8. Bool Kogi is on deck for dinner tonight!

    The ginger snaps that I brought back (on your advice) a couple weeks ago were promptly inhaled by my coworkers (who now make funny frowny faces when they walk towards my desk and realize there are no more ginger snaps to be had). I was quite popular there for a few days though.

    The big hit from my trip, the thing that everybody really dug - the lightly salted crunchy green beans. Next trip, I might come back with a case, double the price and pimp them at work. It would at least cover gas and tolls.

    And yeah, the statue is effing creepy. But I can kind of see making a FB group or web site about getting a TJ's here. It's something foodie people can stand for... a cause... something bigger (albeit slightly) than just enjoying good food for them to get behind. Know what I mean?

    And really, we do need a Trader Joe's here b/c that noho traffic sucks balls.

  9. For me, even their most basic stuff you can get anywhere else is what makes Trader Joe's special. Their pre-made salads for under $4 are delicious. Every now and again they have perfectly round artichokes for .99. Their pico de galo is fresh and outstanding. Charles Shaw makes a perfectly decent pino grigio and shiraz for $2. And Trader Joes Coastal has a wonderful red zin for $4 when I feel like splurging. Try the canned soups, they are better than most, organic, and like $3. Their trail mix selection is plentiful. This list could go on and on and on.

  10. i agree renee. it's a sad sad thing that they are not in the capital region. i am happy you have them by you though!

    jenna - wow i have seen the green bean things but never bought them. now they are on the list for the next trip. so is everything. when i go to the trader joes in noho i literally SWIPE MY ARM on the shelf and pour the stuff in my cart. it's a little ridic.