Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rocket Pops

Bought these at Different Drummer's Kitchen today. Currently they are filled with a raspberry blueberry sorbet. We will see how well they work. Elizabeth pointed out that they are perfect for using up that last bit of ice cream I spin that doesn't fit in the container. Normally I would put it in a smaller container but it never freezes right. And I would NEVER throw it away because I HATE wasting stuff. So- Rocket Pops to the rescue!

Also- lime basil sorbet will be spun tomorrow. We will see how it turns out.

Go Go Gadget Rocket Pops!!!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Impromptu Foodventure

My chef ol' buddy ol' pal Stephen and I met up for coffee yesterday morning and ended up on a fun and awesome mini road trip.  Goal:  Poughkeepsie for some awesome Latina/Mexican Market visits.  They have a good amount there (I think) but we spent so much time ON THE WAY that we didn't get much time actually there.  We plan to revisit  to go to more but this entry is really about the journey - not the destination.

We drove down Route 9 and stopped ay Goolds Orchards.  Nothing was really ready to buy (some apples from last season, some jams and wines) but we talked with the owner for awhile about upcoming events and things closeby to visit.  She mentioned that they do PIE!  and also cider donuts, so I think I will be returning for such delightfulness.  We got back in the car.

A few farmstands later, we ended up at Harvest Spirits Distillery.  BY ACCIDENT, I swear.  But we got lucky, because even though they were closed, they were OPEN.  Usually the distillery is only open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, but it just so happened that Derek Grout was boiling up some deliciousness.  W stayed awhile and talked with him but I will save that information for another entry very soon.  We did some tastings (even some top secret stuff!!!) and got a LOT of knowledge.  Truth be told, I did not want to leave, but I started repeating myself and drooling and Stephen dragged me out.

Another farmstand we passed which was chock full of fresh insanity had me buying apricots (for vanilla ice cream with apricots), green beans, beets and basil (for lime basil sorbet).  I will keep you apprised of progress in the ice cream/sorbet arenas.  I have been spinning some ice cream but nothing amazing yet, although I am playing with nondairy, agave sweetened versions for my friend Lori.  I will update soon with some info on all that.

We did finally get to Po-Town but not before we stopped for lunch at Mole Mole and had some insane guac and chips and I scarfed down some chipotle fish tacos (my new obsession is in the form of fish tacos) which were good, but I was sad that they were not in corn tortillas. 

FINALLY we made it to town and stopped at three stores.  One was more of a knick knack shop which was awesome but my budget was low for fun stuff so I just looked around.  The second place was similar but they had clothes (they has AWESOME cowboy shirts) and again, just browsed while Stephen secretly bought me a hot chocolate maker thingy made of wood that smashes the choco chunk in the mug then froths the milk (cannot WAIT to try it).  The third was a big market where I did buy a few things including hot sauce, garlic boullion cubes, jalapeno nuts and horchata mix for Matt in honor of one of our favorite Vampire Weekend songs.

We actually HAD to leave because I had plans back in the ALB so we were on our way.  We stopped at a gas station to gas up and bought some drinks and ice cream for the ride back.  And really - what a great day.  The time flew and we did so many cool things, talked to so many awesome people and got to spend some quality time with eachother.  My days with Stephen* always turn out this way.  Not always fully planned, but they always end up full of excellent stuff.   I am one lucky girl.

Stay tuned for more info on the Harvest Spirits portion of our trip and my ice cream experiences!

* I should probably do an entire entry on Stephen because he has a huge amount of knowledge in all kinds of food related areas and he is just a generally great friend.  Going with him on foodventures is pretty much like taking along an encyclopedia of foodthoughts wrapped up in a deliciously warped sense of humor.  This is why I have so much fun.

Friday, June 18, 2010

the Joe guy who Trades.

Here's my running list of things am I out of from Trader Joe's.  I accept no substitutes for these:
  • dark chocolate covered edamame
  • thai green beans (frozen section)
  • soy and seed rice crackers
  • bool kogi beef tips
  • ginger snaps
  • pb and j candy bars
  • sharp cheddar chunk with granola
  • thai red curry sauce
  • bag of mixed seafood containing scallops, shrimp and calamari (frozen section)
  • assorted dried fruit
  • probably most everything else they carry
I want one here in Albany.  It is not fair that they are not here.  I am sad that they are not here.  Why are they not here?

I actually joined a Facebook group called "We Want A Trader Joe's in Albany!!!"  And, not to be mean but (ok - to be mean) they have get togethers.  Get togethers.  Like picnics.  And today they are dedicating a statue to Trader Joe in a park.  And you know what?  I kind of think that is weird.  Because as much as I would like to shop next to these people - happily push my cart in the frozen aisle in the vicinity of them, I do not think wanting the same specialty supermarket within 20 miles of my residence is enough of a reason to thread people together.  I could be wrong, though.  I am sure they all are fabulous human beings.

Either way - I will need to make a pilgrimage to NoHo soon and hit the TJ's there to restock for summer.  Who's with me?